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A technique subverts the traditional RFID hang tags

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A technique subverts the traditional RFID hang tags

Traditional craft

The processes of traditional RFID hang tags normally are the blank card printing, inlay (GLB antenna) labelling, confrontation and die-cutting. The traditional RFID hang tags production process is called pre-process printing because of the printing is the first process. Traditionally, RFID garment tag production processes not only have many processes, but also need to add multiple different process equipment to meet production needs. With the full application of RFID in international clothing sports brands such as Uniqlo and Decathlon, the popularity of RFID in the fashion brand industry has become an irresistible trend. RFID mass explosions are coming, and RFID clothing hang tags cost assessment becomes more sensitive. In particular, such a process operation method has many processes, many wasting, high personnel cost, and the appearance consistency of the product is relatively bad. The changes in traditional production processes have become imperative.

The advantages of post printing craft for hang tag


Traditional craft

RFITRFID afterward printing craft


Excessive, complex

Small, even a die-cutting machine is ok


Many quantity and hard to sustain

No need

Technical staff

Large and high requirements

No need

Product consistency

Product consistency is bad

Product consistency is good and good exterior






Flexible, small batch and multi-style

Production waste



Post printing craft

The post printing craft is firstly put forward by RFITRFID company in 2018, it means that the printing is late after the inlay labelling and confrontation. We has developed a standard 380g white cardboard called RFID paper, which has been developed to help simplify the production of RFID labels for garment accessories companies and printing factories.RFID printing paper has made it unnecessary for traditional garment accessories factories and printing factories to add extra equipment, use traditional printing equipment or even a single die-cutting machine to produce RFID clothing hang tag, RFID tickets and other RFID label products. The RFID paper is divided into two types: sheet and roll. These RFID paper sheet and roll can work with most digital printing press like HP indigo, offset printing press like Heidelberg, and roll-fed printing press. They are pretty well tested.

The emergence of offset printing paper RFID sheet & roll allow traditional printing factories and garment accessories companies to find tools for transformation and upgrading. It is no need to add imported equipment that is cumbersome, inefficient, wasteful, and difficult to serve. It can be made by using the printing equipment that is already well-known. So RFID offset paper is the best choice for the printing factories and garment accessories companies who want to manufacture the RFID related products.

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