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How does RFID hang tag work?

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How does RFID hang tag work?

Chinese Fashion Holdings Co., Ltd wants to achieve intelligent management in apparels by deploying RFID system in Jan. 10. I’d like to introduce a core and important RFID tag---- RFID hang tag. But this RFID hang tag is rather the normal hang tag which use polyester with plastic tie than a RFID hang tag with paper and cardboard. Normal hang tag is cardboard, polyester and other material hang tag. But RFID hang tag is RFID paper hang tag which is RFID inlay embedded in normal hang tag. About RFID inlay data writing and how RFID hang tag work, the answer is followed. RFID hang tag is very profitable for apparel company and supplier. After they deploy the RFID system, it takes less time, effort and manpower.

RFID hanging tag encased in the cardboard, a thin film holds an RFID inlay, a microchip plus antenna.The chip is the workhorse of the hang tag. Naturally, the hang tag chip will be coded with the EPC (electronic product code). This code, which takes up 96 bits of data, reads much like a computer browser’s URL only in coded bits which computer programs decipher. The code will identify you globally as the product manufacturer, recognize and identify your product exactly, and identify the specific product to which the hang tag is attached. The last two codes depend on your input and may be unique. For instance, it is here where you may want to consider numbering options such as serialized or unserialized numbers. However, the more bits used, the higher cost of the tag.

Of course, the apparel RFID tag's microchip would be useless if the information stored in it could not be retrieved and transmitted into data you can use. Therefore, an antenna is also embedded with the chip. Besides programming the microchip, the converter who designs your chip must consider whether the chip working in conjunction with an antenna should be active or passive, whether its range should be near or far and whether its scope should be directional or omnipresent. In the market, here are more long range RFID hang tags with passive antenna, less expensive than active type. The decisions made and depend on your needs. For RFID hang tag consists of RFID inlay (microchip and antenna) and RFID hang tag is hanged on clothes. A tag for a dress. When the stores and warehouse deploy RFID system, the staffs can hold a handheld reader or a fixed reader on gate/ceiling and read passive RFID garment tag directly. They will know the quantity, color, size and type of clothes. The all process of shopping, not only staffs but also customers, is more efficient and convenient in shopping time. The customers will know the color, size and type of apparels directly, and buy the clothes they like, pay expense and go out of door. Staffs are just concerned about their stores and prevent thief, no need to care about requirements of customers, and collect money directly. That is easy and convenient for inventory and retail management.

So, RFID hang tag maybe is very complex but convenient and helpful for inventory and retail management, asset tracking.... RFID apparel tag is different from the old and normal hang tag with a epoch-making significance.

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