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How to manage warehouse of apparel factories?

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RFITRFID offers clothing RFID tags that can be directly used to various garments, trousers, T-shirt, towels, etc. Clothing RFID tags consist of RFID woven tags, RFID hang tags and RFID labels. RFID woven tags are sewn on trousers, jeans, some kinds of garments, and towels, bed sheet. RFID hang tags can be hanged on garments, like T-shirt, jeans and skirts. RFID labels are often pasted on RFID hang tag with the information of size, price and clothes composition.

Retails use clothing RFID tags at the item level. They are usually used on asset tracking and inventory management and warehouse management. But for some apparel factories, their warehouse is very big for plenty of garments, how do you manage warehouse using RFID technology?

For manage the warehouse, when the apparels arrived the warehouse, the fixed reader that installed on gate or ceiling will automatic recognize the quantity, type, color and size of garments without contact.

When you want to check the rest quantity of garments on warehouse, you can hold a RFID reader and scan the apparels which is high accuracy. Because each clothing RFID tag with an unique ID, so it is impossible that you check it wrong. But normal identification that you need to waste much time and energy and do not have high accuracy.

Even when there is less than this quantity that you have set, the system will detect and perform automatic replenishment and do not need manpower and time.

For the apparel factories, when the clients have ordered clothes, you just need to hold RFID reader which can scan 300pcs in one second about information of garment size, color, type and quantity. When the garments have gone out of warehouse, the system will automatic identification and remove their information. Then they can improve efficiency and ship the apparels earlier to clients.

Here are more fashion brands like HLA, GAP, Zara and other brands, open a online shop in Tmall. And they use clothing RFID tags that increase delivery. Of course, not only this benefit.

The benefits of clothing RFID tag offer:

1. Reduce management cost

In warehouse, there are many expenses: manpower of management, time and energy wasting for inventory and tracking of garments. But having the RFID technology, the time they check the quantity, size and type of garments have dramatically dropped and the director or manager of factories can save many money to manage.

2. Improve efficiency

After deploying the RFID technology, the efficiency have improved, they do not need to check the apparels one by one and save the time and energy. So the manpower and cost of apparel factories have reduced.

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