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How to manage your clothing inventory?

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With the incredibly dynamic and fast pace of apparel industry, RFID apparel tags is the most outstanding application on apparel industry and it's an effective way to management your apparel. The design and printing of RFID apparel tags requires special consideration. Clothing and apparel are handled and moved often. You’ll need a durable and well designed apparel tag that can withstand application, handling, shipping, consumers and more. And it also needs to work with the overall brand standards of all your other apparel tags. The RFID apparel tags which we provide fully meet the above requirements.


What does RFID apparel tag offer?

One of the advantages of RFID apparel tag for owners of outlets and logistics systems is the non-contact identification of apparel. This allows you to identify the apparel remotely, without visual contact with the label. For example, the warehouse received apparel packed in boxes. To further implement this apparel, you need to fully identify things. When using the bar coding technology, employees would have to open the box, lay out all the apparel and identify each apparel manually using the bar code of the scanner. RFID technology can significantly simplify the process of accounting and processing of apparel.


To record apparel using RFID technology, it is sufficient to conduct an RFID data collection terminal near the apparel box. All information about the marked apparel, which is inside, will be automatically transferred to the database of the organization. It is not necessary to open the package, since RFID does not need a direct visibility of the marked apparel, and identification can be carried out at a distance of more than 10 meter. Also, RFID technology allows inventorying without the use of human resources, which significantly reduces the time and financial costs. To register large quantities of apparel in the areas where the apparel are shipped or received, special RFID portals are installed. They allow simultaneous identification of large volumes of apparel marked with RFID tags.


For example: The loader carries 10 boxes, each of which has 20 expensive shirts. All shirts are marked with RFID apparel tags. Once the loader passes through the RFID portal, then all 200 shirts are automatically marked in the database. RFID equipment can identify more than 100 marked objects per second. Thus, RFID apparel tag saves a huge amount of time.


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