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Our RFID tags in inventory management
With the rapid development of apparel industry, the traditional inventory management and retail management is not able to fulfill their needs of apparel industry and apparel brand retailers. So they turn a new inventory management-RFID technology.
Traditional inventory management:
 Waste many time and energy on sorting out different type, color and quantity
 Waste many manpower and costs on sorting out apparel type, quantity
 Low efficiency
 Easy to cause the wrong location or quantity
 Easy to cause apparel out of stock or backlog
The fashion brands, like Zara, Uniqlo, GAP, use RFID garment hang tags and labels in apparels which is a new inventory management way.

RFID inventory management is that using RFID reader to read the RFID hang tags and labels, knowing the color and type of the apparels, particularly the stock of apparels quickly and ensuring balance of inventory and timely replenishment, to avoid apparels out of stock and ensure the normal needs of customers. The application of RFID technology and RFID hang tags greatly reduces the cost of manpower, time wasting, energy wasting and improves efficiency, helping the apparel retailers get win.
RFITRFID is a manufacturer and specializes in RFID inlays and tags in China with much experience in RFID industry. Our RFID garment hang tag and labels is the most cost-efficient solution. Our RFID inlays and tags are able to encoded according to universal standard and recognized by handheld reader or fixed reader. RFITRFID offers different rfid chips: Monza R6/R6P, NXP Ucode 7, etc. 
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