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(Using RFID integrated paper sheet and roll to start RFID paper ticket)

Recently, RFITRFID company use a new technique to deposit RFID inlay-embedded paper for use as RFID tag. The new RFID paper sheets was developed to help simplify the production of RFID tags for traditonal printing factories, garment accessories company and so on... Let those factories that don't have RFID equipment but have RFID target customers can use the original equipment to produce RFID paper ticket. Without additional equipment, even have a die-cutting machine can produce RFID garment hang tag, RFID tickets and other RFID tags. The integrated RFID paper sheet suggest that the cost of RFID tag would reduce, which could represent significant savings for garment users operating millions of RFID tags in their systems.


Size of sheet: 384*282mm or customized.

Size of roll: 282mm for the width and custom length as your required.

Structure: standard thickness, 2 layers of 190 gsm of paper (C2S, C1S or uncoated)with rfid inlay integrated.

Thickness: 430 gsm in total.

A sheet of RFID paper measures 384mm by 282mm (15.1 inches by 11.1 inches) and can be ordered with either 12 or 18 tags integrated into it. The paper's density is 380gsm (190gsm each layer), totally thickness is 430 gsm including inlay. A box of RFID paper containing 100 sheets.

About a roll of RFID paper, the width is 282mm and length customized. And the marks on the edges of the paper to facilitate machine tracking printing and die-cutting.

These RFID paper sheet and roll can work with most digital printing press like HP indigo, offset printing press like Heidelberg, and roll-fed printing. They are pretty well tested.


Digital printing press, such as HP indigo5600

Offset printing press, such as Heidelberg

Screen process press


Digital roll-fed printing press, such as HP indigo WS6000

Flexography printing press

The layout



Antenna size: 70*14mm

Min hangtag size: 74*18mm

Max hangtag size:121*43mm

The finished RFID hang tag



Although it is strictly a ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID paper sheet, some companies may interested in using high-frequency (HF) NFC tags to accomplish a read at close distance. This can also be achieved.

RFITRFID offers almost every RFID Wet Inlay on the market, including the Impinj Monza series, Alien Higgis series and NXP.

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We can develop the new aluminum etched antenna for you !


The mold                          The aluminum etched antenna

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