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RFID tag defeats the High Teamperature

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Some jobs or some workers need to expose to the high temperature, high heat environment. It is not healthy and good thing for persons to stay long time in high temperature. In such high temperature environment, it is hard to endure long time day by day. So obviously, some workers resign. And it is low efficiency especially some manufacturing production line in high temperature. What can improve the efficiency and reduce the time that workers stay at high temperature? Of course, it is high temperature resistance RFID tag. Then we found the hi-temperature resistance RFID tag is very less on the RFID market. Coincidentally, RFITRFID company has high temperature resistance substrate RFID tag.

Our high temperature proof RFID tag is ISO 18000-6C, EPC Class1 Gen2 RFID tag, the antenna size is 94.8*8.15mm and the substrate material is polymide film. The high temperature resistance ability is max to 300 Celsius and can expose to heat long time at this Celsius.

What is the application of hi-temperature resistance substrate RFID tag?

Here are mainly four applications:

  1. Automotive manufacturing

    The high temperature used in automotive paint shop, the car need to be repaired in high temperature but heat resistant RFID tag can manage the time of painting and track the repairing tools and car components.

  2. Food manufacturing process

    Some food need high temperature to kill the bacterial, like milk. So tag can be used in cooking sterilization process and make sure that bacterial died.

  3. Healthcare

    Tracking and managing surgical tools, sterilizing surgical tools in high heat.

  4. Mining&Gas equipment

Used in drilling equipment which is on the deep underground. Recording the inspection and testing, managing the inventory.

From above applications and introduce of high temperature proof RFID sticker, the advantages of this type RFID tag are obvious. In the high heat environment, some tasks that persons need to stay at high temperature place, which is bad for human’ s body. But using the high temperature proof RFID sticker, workers and staffs of car manufacturing industries or like that, can inspect and control the manufacturing process via RFID tag and RFID reader, not to stay at workshop and watch the manufacturing process. So hi-temperature proof RFID tag is more suitable for these industries.



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