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What Is RFID Hang Tag

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What's RFID hang tag? RFID hang tag is a hang tag with RFID tag embedded and a hole. Most hang tag are made from paperboard, paper RFID garment hang tag printed with clothes size, origin, barcode, color, price and other information. RFID hang tags are hung on all items that are to be tracked. It's the best option for monitoring applications on articles whose surface does not allow direct attachment. The appearance looks almost like an ordinary hang tag, the key lies in the RFID tag.


Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) is a technology that identifies objects using low-power radio frequency technology.


The RFID chip is the workhorse of the RFID apparel hang tag. The tags are made from a tiny tag chip, also called microchip or integrated circuit(IC) that is connected to an antenna. Information stored on the hang tag's chip, transferred to its tiny antenna and then implemented into the entire RFID system. Naturally, the apparel hang tag chip contains memory which stores the clothes’ electronic product code (EPC), programmed information including the unique identification number and other information the label buyer desires. The hang tag chip will be coded with the EPC.  This code, which takes up 96 bits of data, reads much like a computer browser’s URL only in coded bits which computer programs decipher.  In strings of bits, the code will identify you globally as the product manufacturer, identify your product exactly, and identify the specific clothes to which the hang tag is attached.  The latter two codes depend on your input and may be unique.  However, the more bits used, the higher the cost of the tag.


Some RFID hang tags may be locked, but others may be rewritten.  Either has its advantages depending upon your application.  If the data in a hang tag cannot be changed, concerns about the security of a specific asset or the safety of an asset user might be the reason.  On the other hand, if the hang tag can be rewritten, it does not have to be used on a specific asset and can be rewritten for both monitoring and management.  Of course, a reduction in your cost is also realized when an RFID hang tag can be reused after rewriting.


RFID hang tag is actually the brand's identity card, each item has a unique code tag is like everyone has an identity card, people have an ID card to facilitate management, items have RFID tag also have automated object management.


Taking RFID apparel hang tag as an example, each piece of clothing corresponds to an identity. According to this small identity, it is possible to record the clothes whole trajectory processes from the production to the customer. It is also possible to anti-counterfeiting and tamper-proof. In order to ensure timely and accurate mastering of the actual data of inventory, reasonable maintenance and control of inventory. Many clothing stores are use tags to inspection, inventory counting, storage, delivery, anti-theft, transfer etc. Save time, reduce staff's work difficulty and reduce the chance of errors when take stock.

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