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What is the detailed solution of RFID hang tag in retail?

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What is the detailed solution of RFID hang tag in retail?

As well known, RFID hang tag is mostly used in warehouse, supply chain, inventory and retail management. But do you know why UHF clothing tag so popular? Where does RFID hang tag used in retail? What functions and benefits do RFID tag for apparel have?

Here are detailed answers:

China is not only the largest apparel manufacturer and exporter around the world, but also a large apparel consumer market and consumer of clothing with 1.3 billion population. So other countries, like America, Japan, all want to enter into China’s market and sell their garments. But manufacturing so more clothes, from manufacturing to retailing, which need much manpower, time and cost. What’s more, there are variety of apparels, quantity which need spend large manpower, time. But low efficiency is not reach desired effect and target. So in order to improve the effectiveness, Zara, Uniqlo, GAP and our national apparel brand HLA, use UHF RFID hang tag and have joined the embrace of RFID technology.

Here are benefits and functions that long range RFID clothing tag has.

1. Intelligent display screen

When customer enters the store, she chooses some clothes and stands before display screen, through the intelligent retail system installation, the screen will automatically play the smart clothing product information and model renderings.

Advantage: Through model dress effect, choose right one.

2. Intelligent Fitting room

The intelligent fitting room is very useful and convenient. For traditional apparel store, a customer wants to try clothes, she needs put off her clothes, try new clothes and ask salesman some information, but that is low efficiency and satisfaction. But in intelligent fitting room, she takes a cloth which is with a passive RFID clothing tag. Through the retail system installation, consumers only need to put the selected clothes into the fitting room, the system will automatically read the RFID information to identify the style of clothing, and then combine the computer synthesis method and the system preset models, projected to the wall.

Advantage: Improve the service quality, customer satisfaction and efficiency.

3. Cash register

As customer demand high level service, she waits in line for checkout to give you her money, but she grows exponentially impatient with each minute she has to wait and with so many people. So RFID hang tag is necessary. When customers have chose the clothes they want to buy, they just put clothes on cash register, the fixed or handheld RFID equipment cash register system will identity RFID hang tag and calculate the total price and generating a list of consumption.

Advantage: Save checkout time 

4. Anti theft device

The gate have put an anti theft device, if someone want to steal apparels without paying, the device will have alarm and remind you.

Advantage: Prevent thief and theft incident.

After explaining and listing out the benefits and functions of RFID tag for retail, it is obvious that RFID hang tag is significant and essential for garment retails, and it just a part benefits of RFID hang tag. So I think all garment supplier and company should deploy RFID system and RFID hang tag.

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