Our company has more than 9 years of experience in the RFID industry, our experienced technical team meet the needs of various types of demands about RFID deployment in retail and apparel.
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In 2015, the RFID tag manufacturing and printing-and-encoding factory was established,
provide RFID hang tag, printing-and-encoding services.
  • [Latest News] The advantages of RFID garment hang tag post printing process

    The common production process of RFID garment hang tag pre-printing is white card printing - labeling (GLB antenna) - mounting (compound) – die cutting.The traditional RFID garment hang tag production process called pre-printing process (because printing is in front of compound paper).The original Read More

  • [Product News] A technique subverts the traditional RFID hang tags

    A technique subverts the traditional RFID hang tagsTraditional craftThe processes of traditional RFID hang tags normally are the blank card printing, inlay (GLB antenna) labelling, confrontation and die-cutting. The traditional RFID hang tags production process is called pre-process printing because Read More


    RFID INTEGRATED PAPER SHEET & ROLL(Using RFID integrated paper sheet and roll to start RFID paper ticket)Recently, RFITRFID company use a new technique to deposit RFID inlay-embedded paper for use as RFID tag. The new RFID paper sheets was developed to help simplify the production of RFID tags for t Read More

  • [Latest News] How to manage warehouse of apparel factories?

    RFITRFID offers clothing RFID tags that can be directly used to various garments, trousers, T-shirt, towels, etc. Clothing RFID tags consist of RFID woven tags, RFID hang tags and RFID labels. RFID woven tags are sewn on trousers, jeans, some kinds of garments, and towels, bed sheet. RFID hang tags Read More

  • [Product News] On-metal RFID: Flexible and Printable RFID anti-metal tag

    When you’re mounting UHF RFID label on metal surfaces or metallic items, you should notice that if you use regular UHF RFID label, your system will not function as desired as the metal will detune any passive RFID tag that is not designed to be placed on metal. Metal surfaces reflect energy emitted Read More

  • [Latest News] How to manage your clothing inventory?

    With the incredibly dynamic and fast pace of apparel industry, RFID apparel tags is the most outstanding application on apparel industry and it's an effective way to management your apparel. The design and printing of RFID apparel tags requires special consideration. Clothing and apparel are handled Read More

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